About Me

I've always been obsessed with nature either by contemplating animal behavior, looking at incredible landscapes or going on outdoors adventures. Through my photography, i try and reflect my view of nature, usually with simple compositions and plenty of colors and mood trying to show that by understanding different aspects of nature, like weather, geological and environmental sciences, among others, one can find incredible sceneries anywhere. On mi wildlife work, i focus on biological aspects of nature such as evolution, behavior and relationship with the surroundings, highlighting the incredible features of the animal world. I balance my work life as a Science & Tech Startup Supporter by finding outdoor adventures around the globe, where i can merge my background with my artistic side, by applying varied photographic techniques such as HDR, Long Exposures or Focus Stacking to add the emotions expressed above on my pictures. Traveling, Science and Photography create a natural overlap, a perfect recipe for an obsession.

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